Sampler EP

by Stag Line

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released October 16, 2011

Stag Line - Sampler EP

Keegan Farara - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Lyrics, Keys
John Sciortino - Drums, Backing Vocals

Recorded at Deluvian Productions in Swanton, VT in August 2011
Produced by Matt Gadouas and Adam Desrochers
All songs written and preformed by Keegan Farara and John Sciortino
All lyrics by Keegan Farara
Ukelele on "Lakes and Roadtrips" written and preformed by Adam Desrochers.
Album Artwork by Ben Osborn



all rights reserved


Stag Line Vermont

We absolutely adore recording, writing and preforming our songs with as much passion and emotion as possible. Check out some of our stuff. Hope you enjoy it.

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Track Name: Just For The Record
This isn't quite how it looks
A picture frame torn from the inside out
Like you knew what I was dreaming of
Just for the record, I don't know who you are.

Is it your fault?
Of course it is
You can't blame memories
That you've forgotten
and I remember them all

I can't believe you got that right
You learned the lesson
Just don't get lost at the intersection
It all started
I asked why you shivered.

An ecosystem in your mind
I lit the match and killed some time
A serious question, a sarcastic response
Just for the record, I know you all too well.

At first the motor runs, but for only so long
Before it gives out on what's important
and I gave out

Unanswered questions in your head
Don't worry, I don't understand it myself
"Hi, everything is fine." is a legitimate lie
and it's too late for us to calm down.
Track Name: I'm Much Better
This ballad is wrong in every single way
Not a single word can describe my distaste
That's been rotting in my mouth
I wake up every morning and I spit it out
Into the garbage where you live
On Foot Brooke Hill
Where everything is still

So the county's split in two
This half's for me, this half's for you
All this, until my needs are met.
A year ahead, and I'm better.


Innocence convicts me
Trapped in all too familiar surroundings
As I drop that dead weight on my chest again
The lion hearts are reckless
And my timid tires can't accelerate, no.
I'm always great at hindering progress

And to preserve all we had before
We sever our ties and kiss off all affection with haste
Well at least I did.
I wake up every evening and I work it out
Into the notebooks that never fill, against my will.

So the feeling is split in two
Stay in bed and plan what to do.
I'll motive, I'm motivated
But interruptions are never compensated

I live to please the public
But the public never lets me speak
Exactly what's desired
Seratonin and tired smiles
It's all a fake
Track Name: Driving Home
Haven't sat in the back seat for so damn long
I've been the passenger side against my will
I can't afford to fall asleep on long drives
I need to pay attention, with my burning eyes,
Open wide.

Don't even consider what makes you happy
The next exist is barren and black
I swear to God, I'll never let that stop me
I've gotta get up, get out.

Miles have passed, like years under my belt
I'm inexperienced, in every sense of the word.
But everyone still comes to me for help.
Like a worn out therapist, I could use a hand myself

I never considered what made me happy
But a year ago, it finally hit
To resolve another emotional conflict
I've gotta get up, get out

Get up, get out.
Nothing's happening.
So, I sit back and write
About the way things should be
I try to get by
With a half-assed metaphor
So, don't I sound like fun?
Track Name: Lakes and Roadtrips
It was cold inside the camp
We were drunk and you were leaning on me
Only the flame from the lamp
Kept my hollowness strong and burning
As were the thoughts from an hour before
Every statement was joyous or intrusive
It was the gown the evening wore
and I was still on that couch

Feeling dismal and sorry for myself
And I blame no one except for myself
And as togetherness sets in
Loneliness makes a din
And always finds it's way to win
The occasion for itself

Not sure why I clutch this phone
It isn't going to go off
While I premeditate parties
and keep my sober sights solid
And all excitement I have is jailed up in my mind
So don't look at me and say
Everything was fine before

Everything I know is falling apart
I just need a minute to bring my head back down
All it takes is a shower and silence
To help me understand nothing going to change

Nothing's going to change.